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Design support

The greatest impact on product performance, quality, and cost is the original design. All Nanoradar technology teams are focused on understanding your needs and products.

Time-saving design support services

Our technical staff has a wealth of experience to provide consulting services on product and technology cost factors and to provide feedback on design options, material selection, design rules, manufacturability, cost of different solutions, product performance assessment, and more.You can communicate with us quickly by phone, email or live meeting to shorten the development cycle, making it easier for us to provide real-time and in-depth support to help you efficiently from concept design to product delivery.

The customer decided to develop the scope

Nanoradar Technology website only show our 30% of the entire development of products, 70% of our series production are solutions which we have developed together with our customers especially for their radar application. When the standard product can not meet customer needs, the special customization needs came into being. We will first be based on customer demand for feasibility simulation, followed by circuit and antenna simulation, design simulation, said the entire design is basically completed.
We also provide embedded software development services to meet customer requirements for detection distance, resolution and other improvements.

Use all of our expertise to help you

Since the inception of the company, our company with the most advanced technology and reliable product quality, growth for the domestic 24GHz millimeter-wave radar leader, and actively explore and enter the 60GHz, 77GHz millimeter-wave radar field. Nanoradar has an experienced and highly imaginative team of engineers who have deep knowledge of antenna design, RF technology, digital radar technology, electronic engineering, computer science and network technology. The company fully play the team's potential to serve the unmanned aerial vehicles, automotive, intelligent transportation, industrial, intelligent hardware, security and other fields, for the customer's millimeter-wave radar private custom work has always been unremitting efforts!