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Nanoradar has passed ISO9001 certification and established a standard quality management system. MR72 and MR76 - 77GHz high-performance MMW radar start small batch production.


The company passed RoSH certification, the products comply with toxic, hazardous substances or elements control industry standards, using the premise of meeting the process requirements, the use of non-toxic, harmless or low toxicity, low harm, easy to degrade, easy to recycle program. The company introduced smart regional security radar products NSR100W, NSR300W, high-performance car blind spot detection radar CAR28T.

The company is certified by ISO / TS16949:2009.TS16949 is the quality management system - the automotive industry production and related services of the organization and implementation of the ISO9001 special requirements for short.Nanoradar introduced new products NRA24, SP25, SP70T, CAR25T, CAR150 into the market,actively developed 77GHz millimeter-wave radar.And gradually establish a cooperative relationship with well-known enterprises.

Self-development antenna appeared on the market in bulk.SP70 delivered to the market. CAR70 project  established.

Delivered Traffic radar TSR100 antenna,security radar NSR100.Released intelligent light control system.

Spexer200 project  established.Research and development into millimeter-wave radar algorithm, antenna research.

The company was established to carry out millimeter-wave radar prediction and related millimeter-wave technical analysis.