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Hunan Nanoradar Science &Technology Co., Ltd., which was established on January 18th, 2012, with the registered capital of 20 million CNY, is located in Changsha, near the beautiful Xiangjiang River. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of intelligent millimeter-wave sensors and radar products series.

Since its inception, the company has been always adhering to the business philosophy of developing science and technology, creating wealth, serving society and realizing self-value. Relying on its own core technology,it provides customers with professional products and services. It has built a complete research system and a strong scientific research team, and has been carrying out deep learning  in the field of millimeter-wave radar, intelligent antennas and others. It undertakes 2 government-funded projects at all levels, and has obtained a number of patents, software copyrights and other technological achievements.

Nanoradar develops the MMW radar products, which are mainly used in high-end security, intelligent transportation, automotive active safety and unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial control and other fields. And now it also has a wide range of customers in many industries like security, transportation, industrial control.With the scientific research concept of developing technology, committing to application, self-improving, striving for the best, and with its associated laboratories with well-known universities and research centers, the company has been dedicating to the development and research of core technologies in radar industry, and the industrialization in fields of transportation, security, automotive electronics, unmanned aerial vehicle and other application fields.Keeping pace with market demand, carrying out deep learning to the civilianization of radar technology, adhering to the development strategy of integrating enterprises, universities and research institute, innovation promoting development, Nanoradar would make greater contribution to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The company’s product lines include:

1. 24/77GHz series of intelligent sensors and antennas

2. Traffic radar: multi-lane/multi-target radar speed device and traffic flow radar
3. Security radar: serialization area and low-and-mid altitude surveillance radar
4. Automobile Radar: SRR and LRR radar to meet the application demand of automobile active safety and autopilot
5. Unmanned aerial vehicle radar: UAV radar altimeter and anti-collision radar
6. Unmanned ship application: to provide unmanned ship avoidance radar