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UAV Collision Avoidance Radar

77GHz Collision Avoidance Radar for UAV 

To meet the urgent market demands, Nanoradar has built a real-time detection dual-beam 77GHz millimeter wave radar --- MR72 for UAV collision avoidance. It is suitable in automatic obstacle avoidance for UAV autonomous flight and fixed-point cruise in all-weather, all-time and all-terrain. MR72-UAV support simultaneous output of distance, speed and angle information of up to 50 target. Featured with low-cost, high accuracy, small& light and low power consumption, MR72-UAV is applicable in agriculture, power, industry, small airship and other fields.

Why choose the MR72-UAV 77GHz millimeter wave obstacle avoidance radar from Nanoradar?

■ Long detection distance: up to 90 meters for target RCS 5㎡, and 40m for high voltage line;

■ High detection accuracy: Compared with 24GHz radar, the range resolution of radar is improved up to three times, and better performance for obstacle recognition ability;

■ Dual beams simultaneously working mode: Wide FOV in short-range mode ; long detection distance in mid-range mode;

■ The pitch angle of mid-range mode is 15.6°, wh reduce ground clutter interference when the UAV tilt attitude;

■ Strong anti-interference ability: not affected by light, weather, environmental, noise, and unmanned aerial vehicle electromagnetic interference;

■ Compact size: 77GHz MMW obstacle avoidance radar is of small size, adaptive to various application;

Application for obstacle detection