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Traffic Lane Vehicle Speed Measurement

Speed Measuring Radar for Intelligent Traffic Management
Accidents caused by vehicle speeding is often very serious, intelligent traffic management will be prompted to limit vehicle speed according to real time traffic conditions. In order to avoid accidents, speed measuring radar system is installed at some critical roads. When the radar identify an over-speeding vehicle, the system will immediately coordinates cameras to take records.

The speed measuring system is made up of following: 
Speed detection: Microwave Radar 
Video Records: Camera, Lights 
Front Data Process Unit: Identification on Server
Networking Unit: Switch, Optical Transmitter & Receiver
Multiple installation is controlled at the management center. 

■ Advanced AI algorithm technology, which can distinguish vehicle features and avoid target miss & re-catch.
■ Distance & speed accuracy enhanced by spectrum zoom 
■ Vehicle catching location range in ±0.5m, accuracy up to 99%  
■ Vehicle driving direction recognizable 
■ Comfort installation design, built-in with level instrument 
■ Strong environmental adaptability, radar performance is not affected by light, dust, rain and snow, haze and other harsh environment
■ It comes with interface:RS485, RS232 & Wi-Fi for easy configuration