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Barrier Gate Sensor TGR10

TGR10 is a compact K-band radar altimeter developed by Hunan Nanoradar Science and Technology Co., Ltd.it adopts international advanced microwave high-precision positioning technology and high-speed digital signal processing technology, with the features of high precision, debugging-free, high stability, etc. It suitable for vehicle monitoring in parking lots of entrances & exits, realize automatic rising and falling of parking lot gates, control camera collection of license plate numbers.


24GHz MMW radar


Gate detection、Vehicle/pedestrain recognition


Stably detect pedestrians and vehicles Integrated design, compact and beautiful Easy installation and low maintenance cost All-weather & All day operation Long service life Strong environmental adaptability With multiple communication protocol interfaces IP66


System performance
Transmit band   24.00   24.25 GHz
Output power(EIRP) adjustable     10   dBm
Modulation type   FMCW  
Update rate   20 Hz
Power consumption @12V DC 25℃   1.5 2 W
Communication interface   RS485/RS232/Digital Output/TTL Level signal output/Wi-Fi  
Range-measuring performance
Distance-measuring range   0.1  3 10 m
Distinguish with car     0.6   m
Target detect   Vehicle、pedestrain  
Antenna features
Beam width/TX azimuth(-6dB)   22   deg
elevation(-6dB)   37   deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage   5 12 16 V DC
Supply electricity   0.1 0.12 0.3 A
Woking temperature   -40   85
Outline dimensions   97×135×29 mm
Protection   IP66