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‘New Breakthrough,New Level’ Nanoradar Released 200 Meters Altimeter Radar


Airshow China closing ceremony is held in Zhuhai, China on 12th Nov., 2018. To meet different customer’s demands for more application fields with breakthrough, Nanoradar released the new generation of NRA24 Altimeter Radar with detection range of 200 meters .

Product parameters:

Typical Application:

Agricultural drone

Surveying drone

Power line inspection

Logistics drone


 Product test printscreen:

About Nanoradar :

Nanoradar is established in 2012 which is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, Automotive, Smart Traffic and other industrial application, which cover 24GHz, 77GHz and 79GHz radar senor. We have successfully developed 10+ models MMV radar products which is mainly based on the MIMO system ray and cognitive radar technology. Nanoradar’s radar sensor detection range covers 30-450meters. The accuracy is up to 85% for security radar to identify pedestrians. As leading MMV radar manufacture in China, Nanoradar product is hot-selling in the United of American, Korea, The united of Kingdom, France etc.