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Radar sensor becomes a part of AIoT security concept, leading a new era of security!

In the traditional security system, the compatibility of each platform system is quite low, and there is a lack of effective multi-dimensional data fusion in general security. Many chanllenges such as environmental adaptability, operation unfriendliness , and un-efficiency need to be solved.

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) integrates AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, generates and collects massive data from different dimensions, stores it in the cloud and edge, and then analyzes it through big data, and A higher form of artificial intelligence realizes the digitization of all things, the intelligent connection of all things, and the realization of multi-dimensional sensing security.

Radar video analytic fusion: Micro wave radar and video analytic make full use of the respective advantages of the sensors, and give their max respective strengths;
Integrate artificial intelligence technology: Adopt target ID, distance, angle, speed, type, and target coordinates given by radar, then position video camera to make vision analysis.

System advantages:

Intelligent identification of multiple targets: Radar supports the ability to detect and track up to 32 targets at the same time, and easily identify human intrusion targets in the modes of slow crawling, fast running, squatting, etc.

Real-time monitoring of moving targets: The defense area can be customized as filter area, early warning area, and alarm area. It can actively monitor the target entering the early warning and alarm area in real time, and feed back to the host to achieve alarm activation.

Great workload reduction: Radar actively detects moving targets and send alarming, security operator don’t need to be on site always. Whenever there is alarming, there he go there and check.
Environmental adaptability: System meets 7x24 hours real-time protection, adapt to various harsh weather such as rain, snow, haze, sand and dust. 

Product Solution:

Scheme 1:  Radar sensor + alarm siren + alarm host/control panel

Option 2: Radar sensor + PTZ video camera, oriented to artificial intelligence + Onsite alarm siren


Radar system does not require complicated cabling and is easy to install as a camera. It is suitable for application scenarios (prisons, gas stations , museums , camps, squares, ports, electricity , oil fields, oil depots, etc.).

Perimeter security of a museum

Perimeter security of a gas station

Security monitoring of a power station