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Multi Lanes Speed Radar TSR18

TSR18 is a 24GHz high performance traffic speed radar that uses the frequency difference between the transmitted radio waves and the return waves to accurately measure information such as target speed. TSR18 adopts microstrip array antenna design, with detection range up to 180 meters, accurate speed measurement, and can distinguish between incoming and outgoing vehicles. Installed next to the road, it can automatically measure the speed of motor vehicles traveling in 1 to 4 lanes.


24GHz MMW radar


The product can meet the roadside speeding capture, intersection incoming traffic reminder, speed feedback instrument application needs, applied to the highway, ordinary highway, community entrance, school section, practice section and other scenes that need to display vehicle speed.


Adopting advanced AI algorithm to effectively identify following cars and large vehicles and prevent missing and re-shooting; Based on spectrum refinement technology to improve the accuracy of distance and speed measurement; Vehicle capture position within ±0.5m, with consistency greater than 99%; Automatic identification of vehicle direction of travel: incoming and outgoing; Integrated design, integrated level and angle scale, easy installation; strong environmental adaptability, radar performance is not affected by light, dust, rain, snow, haze and other harsh environments; simultaneous RS485, RS232, Wi-Fi communication function, convenient configuration parameters;


System performance
Transmit frequency   24.00
24.25 GHz
Transmit power(EIRP)      20   dBm
Modulation Mode   CW  
Refresh cycle
   20   ms
Output time   50  500 2000 ms
Power @12V DC 25℃  
 1 W
Communication interface   RS485/RS232/Switching  
Covering the driveway   1~4  
Distance/speed measurement performance
Speed measurement range   1   300 km/h
Speed measurement accuracy   -1   0 km/h
Direction   Approaching/leaving distinguish  
Distance measurement range    
180 m
Antenna performance
Beam width/TX azimuth(-6dB)   10   deg
elevation(-6dB)   50   deg
Other performance
Working voltage  
Working current     0.08   A
Woking temperature   -40   85
Working humidity   5%   95% RH
Outline dimensions   137×117×35 mm