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Waterside Aerial Survey Radar WTR1500W

WTR1500W is a newly developed K-band wide-beam regional water aerial survey radar. It adopts the highly complex FMCW modulation mode, and uses various advanced technologies such as TBD, PDA, JPDA, MIMO, MTD, STAP, EKF, micro-Doppler sensing, and neural network based radar environment cognition. It can detect the distance and Angle information of moving targets with high accuracy, effectively filter the false positives of water waves, support 1 channel alarm output, adopt reliable transceiver integration technology, and have the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide detection range, strong environmental adaptability, accurate detection, easy integration, stable performance and high cost performance. By detecting and identifying targets within the warning range of illegal intrusion to provide early warning function, it can provide all-day, all-weather security and track monitoring for the surrounding environment of important facilities.


24GHz MMW radar


It is widely used in bridge collision avoidance, channel bayonet, inland river prohibited fishing monitoring, port terminals, ocean pastures, offshore platforms, offshore wind power and other security scenes with strong demand.


Moving target detection radar operating in 24GHz-ISM band The farthest target detection distance is 1500m, and the wide-angle detection is 90° It can detect large and small ships in the water area, and remove interference such as birds, trees, and splash Support radar communication protocol, SDK, web API and other protocols and development kits, flexible development Actively search for target information, guide camera picture positioning, on-site drive sound and light alarm


System characteristics
Transmit frequency    24.00   24.10 GHz
Output power(EIRP)     39   dBm
Modulation type   FMCW  
Update rate   8 Hz
Communication interface   RJ45/IO out*1  
Range-measurement and velocity-measurement characteristics
Distance-measurement range @0 dBsm



Velocity-measurement range   0.5   30 m/s
Antenna performances
Beam width/Tx azimuth(-6dB)   90   deg
elevation(-6dB)   13   deg
Detection area azimuth(FoV)   90   deg
elevation(FoV)   13   deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage     12V DC / PoE+   /
Weight     1650   g
Outline dimensions  LxWxH 235×175×54 mm