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Global Cooperation | Nanoradar becomes the official partner of the open source flight control ArduPilot platform

Recently, Nanoradar Technology has officially become the official partner of the world-renowned open source flight control platform. It is perfectly compatible and seamlessly connected with the ArduPilot platform, providing full-process service support from sensing to flight control. Customers can plug and play, which can better promote UAV application innovation at home and abroad.

As the world's most well-known drone open source community, Ardupilot was founded in 2009 and has attracted more than 300 global developers from more than 20 countries to join. It has more than 150+ partners in the upstream and downstream of the drone industry chain. Its open source flying community Control software is widely used in various types of UAV systems. This cooperation marks Nanoradar's deep integration into the entire industry chain ecosystem of drone equipment development and application, which is of great significance.

Seamless connection, plug and play
●  Seamless docking: Serial communication and open source flight control achieve seamless and flexible docking. Customers using ArduPilot can directly use Nanoradar’s series of millimeter wave radar products without additional integrated development to achieve various types of automatic driving and obstacle avoidance. Function. At the same time, it can also solve the problem that after the platform software is upgraded, the old version of the product may not be compatible.
●  Plug and play : Our products are perfectly compatible with the ArduPilot platform, which will bring more convenience to users. They can complete device integration in a very short time and enter the functional verification and application development stages.
● Full-process service: We will continue to support the ArduPilot platform to provide users with a "one-stop" intelligent solution from sensing to control, which will help provide customers with full-process service support from sensing to flight control. 

Full range of products, multiple choices
Based on the different application scenarios of drone height determination and obstacle avoidance, Nanoradar has launched a series of millimeter wave radar products for drones, including NRA15 100m altimeter radar, NRA24 200m altimeter radar, MR72 77GHz obstacle avoidance radar and MR82 80GHz obstacle avoidance radar. Radar can meet the diverse needs of customers and give customers more choices.

Nanoradar 1+2 drone assisted flight solution
During the flight of the drone, it needs to sense the obstacles ahead and the flight height in real time at the same time. The purpose of sensing obstacles is to guide the drone to automatically avoid obstacles, so as to conduct scene modeling and self-planning paths. The sensing height is always the same. On the one hand, it is to enable the drone to fly in a safe airspace. On the other hand, when the drone is flying, the drone and the agricultural ground are required to maintain a required fixed height.

To this end, Nanoradar has launched a 1+2 UAV-assisted flight solution. An NRA24 altimeter radar is installed at the bottom of the UAV, which can achieve accurate altitude determination up to 200m. It is installed on the right and left front of the UAV. Two MR82 obstacle avoidance radars can detect obstacles and realize terrain detection. The radars work together to accurately realize the forward and reverse terrain prediction and altitude control functions of the UAV, thus ensuring the safe flight of the UAV.

Looking to the future
As a supplier of key components for millimeter wave radar, Nanoradar Technology and ArduPilot will continue to strengthen cooperation in technical exchanges and product integration to achieve seamless connection of CAN port communications. In the future, Nanoradar's millimeter wave radar series products will be more widely used by ArduPilot, helping domestic and foreign users to achieve autonomous and safe flight of UAV missions faster.