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Collision Avoidance Radar SP70C

SP70C is a K-band radar sensor developed by Nanoradar, which utilizes 24GHz Band and the design of double receiving antennas. With the advantages of long range measurement, small size, high sensitivity, light weight, easy to integrate and stable performances, it is now widely applied in the industrial measurement and collision avoidance, the personnel positioning and track in security fields ,unmanned ship range and collision avoidance, and automotive active safety and auto pilot and other fields. Therefore it is highly recognized by our partners.


24GHz MMW radar


Unmanned ship range and collision avoidance、Range-measurement and anti-collision for railway vehicles、Range-measurement and anti-collision for robots、Range-measurement and anti-collision for UAVs、Range-measurement and anti-collision for machineries、Intelligent radar lighting-control system、Range-measurement and anti-collision for hydrological monitoring ships、Radar and video fusion alarm system


Work in 24GHz band for the detection of moving targets Accurately measure the moving direction ,range, velocity and angle of moving targets With UART/RS485 interface Able to detect up to 8 targets


System characteristics
Transmit frequency   24.00   24.20 GHz
Output power(EIRP)   13 20 24 dBm
Modulation type   FMCW  
Update rate     50   Hz
Communication interface   UART/RS485  
Range measurement and velocity measurement
Distance-measurement range @0 dBsm 0.1   40 m
Velocity-measurement range   -70   70 m/s
Multi-targets tracking characteristics
Numbers of tracked targets simultaneously     8   pcs
Antenna characteristics
Beam width/TX azimuth(-6dB)   100   deg
elevation(-6dB)   17   deg
Other features
Supply voltage   5 12 18 V DC
Weight     24   g
Outline dimensions   71x63x8(LxWxH) mm