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77GHz FCW Radar SR73

SR73 is a compact 77GHz front/rear collision avoidance radar. It can accurately remind drivers of obstacles in front of heavy equipment by transmitting two-beam fan-shaped microwaves to the front, detecting the reflection of microwaves, judging whether there are obstacles in front, and feedback the relative distance between obstacles and radar.This product adopts double beam design, 0.2~40m measurement distance, small size, high sensitivity, stable performance, light weight, easy to integrate, product performance has been recognized by many partners.


77GHz MMW radar


FCW, rear view camera system


Work in 77GHz Band for the detection of moving objects Compact size (58x96x24mm) Accurately measure the direction, range, velocity and angle of moving targets Protection class IP66 for outdoor use Hige detection rate


System performance
Transmit frequency   76.00   77.00 GHz
Output power(EIRP) adjustable   29.8   dBm
Cycle time     33   ms
Power consumption @12V DC 25℃ 1.5 1.65 1.8 W
Communication interface   CAN  
Range-measurement characteristics
Range interval vehicles 0.2   40 m
Velocity-measurement characteristics
Speed interval   -60   60 km/h
Speed accuracy     4   km/h
Multi-target detecting
Simultaneously detecting targets     8   pcs
Antenna performance
Beam width/TX azimuth(-6dB)   112   deg
elevation(-6dB)   14   deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage   6 12 32 V DC
Protection class   IP66