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4D High resolution imaging radar SR75

The SR75 is a high-precision 4D point cloud environment sensing millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar customized by Nanoradar for low-speed vehicle applications. SR75 adopts a unique antenna design, which increases the detection and analysis of the target height dimension data, and can realize the high-resolution information perception of the 4D space of distance, speed, level and pitch. SR75 data has ultra-high resolution, which can accurately analyze the outline, category and motion state of the target. The SR75 is compact (105.2×72×19.5mm), has a long measuring distance (40 meters), and has an integrated peripheral interface (CAN-FD interface) with slow forward collision prevention.


77GHz MMW radar


It can meet the rapid growth of special vehicle forward or backward reverse safety assistance driving needs, and can also meet the various obstacle avoidance needs of robots. The products are used in low speed vehicles such as unmanned sweeper, environmental protection vehicle, driving training car, mining car and so on.


Operates in the 77GHz band Accurately detect the moving direction, distance, speed and Angle of the moving target The detection distance is 40m and the coverage Angle is 150° Achieves 1500 point cloud/frame imaging Identify target altitude information Protection level IP67