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Ground Surveillance Radar NSR60W

Nanoradar NSR60W is an intelligent wide area security radar that can detect target up to 60m. The radar detects and warns when the target enters the defense zone and support integration with video analysis technology. It adopts FMCW modulation mode, which has high detection accuracy; adopts unique digital beam synthesis (DBF) technology, which can greatly improve the anti-jamming capability of the radar system. With high-precision angle resolution capability, low-speed detection capability, through the back end signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms, the radar can distinguish between human and vehicle targets, and effectively filter out insects, birds and other animal interference.


60GHz MMW radar


Products can be widely used in prisons, barracks, squares, airports, ports, oil fields, oil depots and other important perimeter security areas.


Moving target detection radar operating in 60GHz-ISM band It can detect extremely slow moving objects and filter out interference from trees, grass and other plants Advanced DBF technology accurately detects the target's azimuth Angle, pitch Angle, distance and other information Protection class IP66 for outdoor applications Ports Rich RJ45/RS485 RoHS compliant


System characteristics
Transmit frequency    61.20   61.50 GHz
Output power(EIRP)     22   dBm
Modulation type   FMCW  
Update rate   10 Hz
Communication interface   Ethernet/RS485  
Range-measurement and velocity-measurement characteristics
Distance-measurement range @0 dBsm 1  



Velocity-measurement range   0.5   30 m/s
Antenna performances
Beam width/Tx azimuth(-6dB)   120   deg
elevation(-6dB)   22   deg
Detection area azimuth(FoV)   120   deg
elevation(FoV)   22   deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage     12V DC / PoE   /
Weight     -   g
Outline dimensions  LxWxH 149.5×125.5×45.2 mm