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Perimeter Radar NSR200

Nanoradar NSR200 is an intelligent perimeter security radar that can cross up to 200m. When the target enters the defense zone, it can carry out detection and early warning. At the same time, the accurate position of the target can be judged by the distance, angle and speed of the target, video analysis technology can be fused to check the target, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can be used to judge whether it is the target to be alarmed. The product can detect the distance and angle information of extremely low-speed moving targets with high precision, effectively filter out false targets such as trees, and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, accurate detection, easy integration, strong environmental adaptability, stable performance, high cost performance, etc.


24GHz MMW radar


fence protection, livestock protection, residential perimeter protection etc.


Work in 24GHz Band for the detection of moving targets Pedestrian target detection 300m, detection Angle 20°; Support radar web, can directly access and manage radar; Rich physical interface Ethernet, RS485, Relay_out*2, IO_out*2, IO_in, LED lights, can drive sound and light alarm; Support radar communication protocol, SDK, web API and other protocols and development kits, flexible development; The radar actively searches the target information, supports the guided camera picture positioning and continuous target tracking, which can greatly reduce the pressure of manual duty. Meet 7x24h real-time protection, adapt to rain, snow, haze, dust, smoke and other bad weather.


System characteristics
Transmit frequency    24.05   24.15 GHz
Output power(EIRP)  
  29 dBm
Modulation type   FMCW  
Update rate   8 Hz
Communication interface   Ethernet, RS485, Relay_out*2, IO_out*2, IO_in, LED  
Range-measurement and velocity-measurement characteristics
Distance-measurement range @0 dBsm 1   300 m
Velocity-measurement range   0.03   30 m/s
Antenna performances
Beam width/Tx azimuth(-6dB)   21   deg
elevation(-6dB)   13   deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage   12
Weight     1650   g
Outline dimensions   235×175×54(LxWxH) mm