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New tool to protect bridge safety: NANORADAR WTR1500W active bridge anti-collision warning radar

Bridge anti-collision programintroduction

Bridge anti-collision scheme is a kind of early warning and alarm system for monitoring surface ships and protecting bridge safety. It is composed of a series of se nsor s, acquisition equipment, communication equipment and back-end management equipment, including data platform, equipment layer, business module, application system and other bridge anti-collision information basic modules, which can accurately collect front-end perception data into the database and automatically summarize and analyze. Timely forecast and early warning can be issued, and users can grasp and track the navigation of the ship in real time and make management decisions through the system platform.

Active anti-collision warning scheme of bridge based on millimeter wave radar

The bridge intelligent anti-collision early warning system based on millimeter-wave radar has the advantages of all-weather, long coverage and rich target information. It can detect distant ships in advance, and proactively warn ships of various dangerous behaviors through track tracking and management, thus improving the safety of bridge and channel operation. It can effectively avoid accidents caused by yawing ships touching Bridges.

The personnel on duty can accurately understand the real-time navigation situation of the water area of the bridge area, and effectively guide the ship to pa ss the water area of the bridge area safely. In the event of ship yawing and ultra-high situation, the ship can be notified to take measures through VHF, AIS, sound and light alarm, large screen display, telephone contact and other early warning methods to warn and remind its related behaviors, which can effectively prevent ship collision with the bridge accident. In addition, the system also has built-in ship historical track playback, video capture playback and other functions, which can backtrack the occurrence of the accident and clearly restore the scene.

Bridge guard -- Nare WTR1500W bridge collision warning radar

WTR1500W is a K-band wide-beam regional water aerial survey radar developed by NARE Technology. It adopts FM CW modulation mode, uses TBD, PDA, JPDA,MIMO,MTD,and STAP, EKF micro-Doppler sensing, establishes radar environment cognition based on neural network, transceiver integration and other advanced technologies. It can detect the distance and Angle information of moving target with high precision, and effectively filter out false positives of water wave. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide detection range, strong environmental adaptability, accurate detection, easy integration, stable performance and high c ost performance.
By discovering and identifying the target within the warning range of illegal intrusion to provide early warning function, it can provide all-day and all-weather security guarantee and track monitoring for the surrounding environment of important facilities, and is widely used in bridge collision avoidance, channel bayonet, inland river prohibited fishing monitoring, port docks, ocean pastures, offshore platforms, offshore wind power and other scenes.

Product parameters

Product highlights

1)All day, all weather:
IP66 protection, adapt to rain and snow, haze, dust, smoke and other bad weather, meet7x24h real-time protection;
2) Active early warning, three-dimensional protection:Radar active early warning, linkage video alarm, real-time lock the target, record alarm information, access to the control center, yaw, crossing the boundary, entering the non-navigable area for early warning and alarm
3) Intelligent and reliable:
Wide-angle detection 90 degrees, maximum detection range 1500m, ranging accuracy ±3m, can achieve large waters, small ships accurate detection
Web one-stop management, plug and play, no configuration, can intelligent one-click switch sunny day, rainy day, bridge and other scenes, the operation is extraordinary convenient.
Anti-occlusion, can detect the behavior of deliberately blocking the radar, and issue an alarm.

4) Low false alarm rate:

Environmental learning and eliminating false alarms: cognitive radar technology integrates brain science and artificial intelligence into the radar system, giving the radar system the ability to perceive the environment, understand the environment, learn, reason and judge and make decisions, so that the radar system can adapt to the increasingly complex electromagnetic environment, thereby improving the performance of the radar system.

False alarm suppression in wind and rain weather: reduce the false alarm rate in wind and rain weather through algorithm optimization;

Automatic filter water clutter interference: automatically filter water clutter through the algorithm to prevent clutter interference from producing false positives.
5) RVSM fast fusion, seamless integration:
Good compatibility: Support Haikang, Dahua, Yushi, Keda, Jingyang and other mainstream 10+ brand ball machine, compatible with a variety of databases, support RTSP standards.
Rich API interface: Provide standard SDK interface to support MODBUS, ONVIF and other international protocols.
Seamless integration: provides protocol document support to third-party platforms, can support TCP, HTTP and other communication methods, flexible interface makes customer integration more convenient.