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Moment of Glory: Nanoradar won the top 20 comprehensive strength enterprises in Hunan sensor industry

On August 23, the third Member Congress of the first Hunan Sensor Industry Promotion Association was successfully held in Changsha. The conference consists of two stages: the award ceremony and the General meeting. At the award ceremony, Nanoradar won the top 20 comprehensive strength of Hunan sensor industry with its good business performance, fruitful innovation results and extensive brand influence. Quentin Zhou, General Manager of Nanoradar, was appointed as an expert member of the Expert Committee of Hunan Sensor Industry Promotion Association.

The first session of the third member congress

This activity is to help the development of the sensor industry in Hunan province, to create a good ecological environment for the sensor industry, approved by the relevant government departments, by the Hunan sensor industry Promotion Association organized the first sensor field evaluation activities in the province, with strong industry influence and honor content. This award is also a high recognition of the comprehensive strength of Nanoradar's core innovation ability, market competitiveness and brand influence in the industry, and it is also an affirmation of Nanoradar's leading position and development prospects in the field of sensors.

Top 20 enterprises with comprehensive strength award scene

Expert committee awarding site

Nanoradar topped the list with the "attitude" of the top 20, relying on the dedication and adherence to the artificial intelligence sensor millimeter-wave radar industry. Since its establishment in 2012, Nanoradar has always focused on the research and development, production and sales of millimeter-wave radar products for artificial intelligence sensors. Nanoradar is the first company in China to take the lead in professional research on low-speed L4 unmanned intelligent perception radar, and is the industry standard setter for millimeter-wave radar and roadside intelligent perception. Nanoradar is a national high-tech enterprise, Hunan Province specialized new small giant enterprise, Hunan Province manufacturing key industry chain group key enterprise (artificial intelligence and sensor industry chain), Changsha artificial intelligence key enterprise, Changsha City's first intelligent automobile industry ecological "torch plan" enterprise, Changsha City intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprise, Changsha High-tech Zone gazelle enterprise, long Sha High-tech Zone, the first batch of manufacturing high-quality development of leading enterprises, and built a provincial enterprise technology center.

Nanoradar is committed to becoming the industry's leading provider of millimeter-wave radar technology and solutions. With MIMO system, cognitive radar and high resolution as the main technical direction, the company has developed more than 30 products for high-end security, intelligent transportation, automotive active safety and unmanned driving, industrial control and other applications, covering 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 80GHz and other bands, and the detection distance covers 30~450 meters. The product business covers more than 30 countries and regions, serving more than 1,000 customers around the world.

In the future, Nanoradar will continue to adhere to the development concept of "continuously creating value for customers", with the vision of "committed to continuously promoting the progress of radar technology", focus on integration, by strengthening R&D and innovation investment, expanding high-end application scenarios, creating a high-level talent gathering place, and turning the advantages of the top 20 into a winning trend of catch-up and leaping. Build a modern industrial system with obvious competitive advantages in the field of sensors in Hunan Province, and add strong impetus to the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy in Hunan Province.