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Direct attack 2023 Shenzhen CPSE Expo, NanoRadar booth "crowds"

October 25-28, the 19th China International Public Safety Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, NanoRadar appeared in Hall 1 booth 1B35, with the theme of "accurate detection, intelligent perception", focusing on two major industry applications, revealing the latest commercial landing of radar, and bringing immersive digital scene experience to the industry.

Focus on the integrated concept, focus on "doing a good job of radar", the immersion of two major scene security traffic solutions is full, 20 blockbuster new products are unveiled to attract attention, and there is the ultimate cost-effective detonator! How "congested" is the Nare booth? Experience it live ⇣⇣⇣

2 immersive scenarios: security surveillance radar, traffic measurement flow

With the concept of "making every traffic participant clearly visible", traffic radar focuses on a series of innovative products such as speed measurement radar, information control radar, flow radar, and water mass transportation, dedicated technical personnel provide one-on-one explanation on site, senior solution engineers answer questions on site, and key cases are shared exclusively.

Security radar focus on building linear radar intrusion prevention and regional detection radar, covering 15 meters to 800 meters, products in Europe and the United States CE, FCC certification, comprehensive support for partner integration, in the face of global security complex forms, Nanoradar overseas international sales program engineers support all day, domestic research and development on-site support, provide support from basic technology to the whole process of product development.

20 blockbuster new products were unveiled to catch the eye

In this exhibition, Nanoradar all real machine display, open shell display, not only can understand the latest technological progress on the spot, but also can analyze the depth of the radar from the full range, can observe the radar, not only can understand the radar, but also can master the radar.

It coincides with the main body of the exhibition

This year's security Expo Slogan "Connect the world, sense the future" and Nanoradar's theme of "accurate detection, intelligent measurement" coincide, we can see the importance of intelligent city perception, millimeter-wave radar as the core sensor of environmental perception, relative to vision, with anti-harsh environment, depth information output, adapt to complex environment and other characteristics. Sensors are at the heart of the digital future.

Continue to promote the advancement of radar technology to achieve the maximum energy efficiency ratio for better perception
October 25-28
Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth 1B35 Nanoradar, Hall 1
Ray vision integrated, Ray vision fitting new ideas, is landing around the world
Urban cores need to be protected and urban transport more efficient
Come here, we work together, let Chinese radar to the world!