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Nanoradar Brings New Radar Products to Asia International Transportation Exhibition to Help Build Digital Intelligent Transportation Base

From April 10 to 12, the 2024 Asia International Transport Exhibition was grandly held in the Western International Expo City of China (Chengdu). Nanoradar appeared at booth 5G66 in Hall 10, with the theme of "Accurate Detection, Intelligent Perception", focusing on the 1 + 2 + N strategy of speed measurement, traffic application radar and special radar for traffic radar integration. The immersive digital scene experience of Nanoradar booth attracted many domestic and foreign customers to stop and visit.

Make every traffic participant clearly visible

From MR62 entry-level to TCM811 economic model to TCM873 professional model, more than 10 heavy new traffic radar products of Nanoradar appeared eye-catching, and the strategy of 1 + 2 + N led the development of traffic digitalization.

Speed measurement radar for law enforcement: The high-precision speed measurement capability of millimeter wave radar can ensure the accuracy of road monitoring, provide strong data support for traffic management, and greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of traffic law enforcement.

Flow detection radar: Nanoradar Technology's flow millimeter wave radar has also attracted much attention. It can accurately monitor key data such as traffic flow and speed in complex traffic environment, and provide important basis for traffic planning and management.

Radar 1 + 2 + N Strategy for Integrated Radar

Nanoradar focuses on one application: dedicated to ray-vision all-in-one machine, with 60GHz and 80GHz as the two mainstream frequency bands of traffic radar, and continues to develop and iterate N traffic millimeter wave radars.

During the exhibition, the booth of Nanoradar Science and Technology was crowded with people, and customers at home and abroad stopped to visit and consult. They expressed strong interest in the new millimeter wave radar products of Nanoradar Technologies, and expressed their expectation of in-depth cooperation with Nanoradar Technologies.

Nanoradar Technology has always been committed to promoting the progress of radar technology, and this exhibition demonstrates the deep strength of Nanoradar Technology in the field of millimeter wave radar. In the future, Nanoradar Technology will continue to uphold the concept of "making every traffic participant clearly visible", and continuously introduce more high-quality traffic technology products to contribute to the construction of a safer, more efficient and more convenient traffic environment.