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Nanoradar Technology Shines at Shenzhen UAV Exhibition: Radar Technology Leads the New Wave of Low Altitude Economy

On May 24-26, the 2024 International Low Altitude Economy and Unmanned Systems Exposition and the 2024 Eighth World UAV Exhibition and the Ninth Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition were held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

NanoRadar appeared at booth 1B 21 in Hall 1, with the theme of "Precision Detection, Intelligent Perception", focusing on UAV obstacle avoidance, fixed-height application radar and UAV 1 + 2 millimeter wave radar terrain perception + omni-directional obstacle avoidance solutions, attracting many domestic and foreign customers to stop and visit with its professional, enthusiastic explanation and immersive digital experience.

7 Heavy Products Appear Attractive

In this exhibition, seven UAV radar products brought by Nanoradar cover fixed-height and obstacle-avoidance applications, dual-beam detection, 3-band coverage of 24 G/77 G/80 G, 3-gear switching (30/100/200 meters), maximum ranging of 280 m, ranging accuracy of 0.02 m, and maximum output of 4D imaging radar of 1500 point clouds per frame. The number of targets is 5.8 times that of similar friends.

Mass verification

The excellent performance of the product has been recognized by many customers, with sales of nearly 100000 units, which are exported to 20 + countries around the world, and is defined as "the top player in the field of UAV anti-collision" by Orbis, a foreign media agency.

International certification is complete

At present, Nanoradar UAV radar products have passed at least six overseas certifications (KC, ETA, JCS, FCC, CE, ROHS, NCC, READ) to help domestic enterprises go to sea and import overseas customers.

Seamless docking with mainstream open source flight control platform

As the official partner of open source flight control, Nanoradar Technology's radar products have achieved seamless docking with the open source flight control platform (APM: Ardupilot), and its communication protocol is perfectly adapted to the official platform protocol, which can be plug-and-play, providing customers with a "one-stop" intelligent solution from perception to control.

Boost the new driving force of low-altitude economic development

As a key sensor on UAV, millimeter wave radar can greatly improve the safety and efficiency of UAV flight, promote the progress and application of UAV technology, and promote the prosperity and development of low-altitude economy.

By installing a fixed-height radar at the bottom of the UAV and two obstacle-avoiding radars around the UAV, the 1 + 2 terrain perception + omnidirectional obstacle-avoiding solution brought by Nanoradar can not only accurately perceive the height of the UAV and the obstacles in front of it during its flight all day and all day, but also effectively avoid collisions. Intelligent and rational path planning to improve flight safety.

In this exhibition, Nanoradar Technology has demonstrated its strong technical strength and brand influence, and its UAV radar booth has become the focus of attention. In the future, Nanoradar Technology will continue to lead the development trend of UAV radar technology and contribute more wisdom and strength to the development of low-altitude economy.