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New Benchmark: NSR120 Perimeter Security Radar

A  perimeter solution is a security guard system used to protect the area around a building or fence. It consists of a series of sensors and alarm devices that detect foreign targets in the protected area and alert security personnel in a timely manner. It is widely used in military, government, commercial and industrial fields, and is an efficient and reliable security solution.

Current Main Technologies of  Perimeter

Comparison of a variety of  perimeter technology means found from the ease of installation, environmental adaptability, target detection capabilities, intelligent applications, advanced technology, cost and other aspects of the comparison, security radar has a comprehensive advantage.

Perimeter radar program

Perimeter radar is a radar system that can detect and monitor the surrounding environment around the clock. It works by emitting electromagnetic waves to the surrounding area and receiving reflected waves to detect the surrounding objects. Perimeter radar can scan the monitoring area uninterruptedly and accurately detect the distance, speed, angle and other information of the intrusion target, and actively and continuously track and warn the real target, meanwhile, using the classification technology based on machine learning, it can effectively identify the type of intrusion target and issue alerts.

Perimeter radar intelligent fusion networking scheme

Perimeter radar intelligent fusion system is a set of accurate alarm, convenient management, scientific and intelligent perimeter security system, the program through the organic integration of millimeter wave radar and video processing technology, eliminating the defects of a single sensing detection technology, effectively improve the detection efficiency, while reducing the probability of false alarms, the system has radar detection information and video image fusion identification, motion target calibration monitoring, alarm Location map linkage, intelligent algorithm fast analysis, proactive alarm, spatial three-dimensional protection and other features, can provide intelligent, active, three-dimensional, efficient and reliable all-round prevention for key areas.

Nanoradar NSR120 80GHz  perimeter security radar

Product parameters

Product features

1. can be quickly integrated  

1)Perfect RVS-M functions, support for pre-warning, in-event warning, post-event forensics, target detection, track preview, alarm linkage, video tracking, trigger event, video pop-up, video recording, alarm playback, multi-level alert zone, custom prevention, multi-mine multi-ball, 360° fusion and other functions, convenient for users to refer to the demo to do secondary development, easy to user integration.

(2) protocols, open interfaces, flexible development, through the network can access, control, access to a variety of customized platforms, rapid integration into existing systems.

3)It can quickly realize the integration of radar and Gun Camera, and the integration of radar and Dome Camera.

2. Multi-segment adjustable sensitivity, smoother, to achieve the global optimal solution

The detection distance can be segmented, and each segment distance can be set independently with different sensitivity, which can take into account the false alarm and traverse detection performance, and move forward from local optimum to global optimum.

3.  Customization of scene development, more flexible

(1) Rayvision fusion application, support radar communication protocol, SDK, web API and other protocols and development packages 

(2) single radar application, plug and play, easy to use, power on and use, support radar web, can directly configure and set alarm strategy

4.  Flexible adaptation to multiple scenes, multiple industries

(1) Can be widely used in natural gas stations, cultural and museums, gas stations, airports and other key areas of security

(2) Support explosion-proof version, Ex ia IIC T6 Ga can be applied to petroleum and petrochemical and other scenes with explosion-proof demand

Panoramic view of Nanoradar security